The Mound – Loch Fleet Weir Inspection

Vertech Integrity Services were awarded the contract to carry out Inspection & maintenance works on the Weir that empties into the Golspie Estuary locally known as the A9 Mound.

GVI of all gate chains on the seaward side of the weir where all 12 chains were reported in good condition. The chain at Gate #02 was disconnected but the connecting shackle to the gate was connected. The supplied shackled for re-connecting the chain to the shackle was too large for the shackle pin to go through the chain.

It was agreed with the client that 2 x Locking Karabiners were to be used as a temporary measure to connect the chain to the shackle on Gate #02.
Our diver carried out a GVI at each Pen location where the following was noted: -
  Pen #01 to check for leaks through the gate. There were no leaks reported through the masonry only through the gate.
  Pen #04 there was slight damage to the stone work on the left hand side.
  Pen #06 there was a slight leak at the gate.
The operation was completed on the same day safely where personnel de-mobilised.

Project Loch Fleet Weir Inspection
Location Loch Fleet, Golspie
Mode of Intervention Inshore Towed Dive Van
Working Depth <5m