Shell Braefoot Bay AFU Replacement

Vertech were awarded the contract to replace the existing AFU with a new build unit. Shell had a 3 day shipping window at the terminal to allow diving operations to be carried out 

Procedures were prepared for the removal of existing moorings at Braefoot Bay and the installation of a new mooring system to allow diving operations to be carried out from the daughter craft safely. Procedures for the existing AFU removal and replacement were also produced where the Level 1 HIRA was generated and reviewed by personnel from Vertech and Shell at the Braefoot Bay Terminal facility prior to mobilising the project. The vessel moorings were installed at the terminal and the AFU replacement was carried successfully. 

Personnel mobilised each day to Burntisland where the daily checks were carried out prior to transiting to Braefoot Bay each day. Daughter Craft personnel comprised of 1 x Client Rep, 1 x Diving Manager, 1 x Coxswain/ Dive Supervisor, 1 x Dive Technician, 6 x Divers.
All Diving operations were carried out in less than 10msw where the Vertech DDC was available at Burntisland. Typical transit times between Burntisland and Braefoot Bay was 25-35 minutes each way.

Project Braefoot Bay AFU Replacement
Customer Shell UK
Location/Asset Braefoot Bay Gas Terminal
Mode of intervention Daughter Craft “Vaila” (DCS01)
Working Depth <10m