Loch Lee Silt Removal

Contracted for the silt removal from Loch Lee reservoir at the location where the water enters the pumping station and surrounding area.

Initially operations were carried out using a dredge pump but a standard 10” diameter airlift was used as this was more efficient.
A Five man dive team was used to carry out this work utilising the towed van which housed the Dive panel and Divers gas requirements to carry out operations.

All work was carried out in a safe and timely manner and to the satisfaction of both Ross-Shire Engineering and The Scottish Water Authority.
There was considerable build-up of silt where the water entered the pumping station. Pump house isolations were put in place to allow the debris screens to be raised allowing diver access to clear the silt from behind the screens.

As there was a Fish Ladder close by a temporary gate was installed to prevent any large items being drawn down the ladder. This gate was removed when diving operations ceased, at the end of each shift and once the project was completed.

There was no requirement to make decompression adjustments due to the altitude of the reservoir as the Loch was within the required elevation to make such adjustments.

Project Loch Lee - Silt Removal from Pumping Station
Customer Ross-Shire Engineering/Scottish Water
Mode of Intervention Inshore Towed Dive Van
Asset Loch Lee Reservoir
Working Depth <10m