Inchgarth - Reservoir Screen Inspection

Awarded the contract for the inspection of the reservoir flow screen as there had been some visible damage caused by the previous year’s floods.

Diving operations were carried out using the towed dive van with Vertech’s 250m diver’s umbilicals.

The screen was ‘L’ shaped to help provide an even flow of water from the inlet side to the out let side pumping station. The screen was approximately 200m on the long leg and 125m on the short leg.

The van was located initially close to the pumping station and then close to the site entrance on top of the reservoir berm.
To assist in Diver tending operations a small craft with an electric motor was utilised to ensure that the reservoir was free from pollution during operations. This small vessel was manned where the boat handler assisted in tending the working Diver.

Access & egress to the reservoir was simply by the diver walking in and out from the reservoir edge. In addition samples of the reservoir plant life was taken to test for Canadian pond weed. These results were found to be negative.

On completion of the survey a report was submitted for future plans to initiate the necessary repairs to the screen.

Project Inchgarth - Reservoir Screen Inspection
Customer Ross- Shire Engineering/Scottish Water
Mode of Intervention Inshore Towed Dive Van
Working Depth <5m