Vertech have a good knowledge base and experienced in all aspects of repairing asset damage that can be caused by impact, failure or remedial action required to effect such areas and make good. All tasks undertaken are supported with step by step approved procedures. Below is a brief overview of some of repair tasks that Vertech are experienced in.

Structural Repair
Removal of damaged sections by cold cutting techniques and subsequent metrology to design and fabricate and installation of replacement parts as required. E.g. Structural members, pipeline repair, umbilical repair etc.

Bolt Failure
Replacement of failed bolts on all types of structural clamps, flanges etc.

Anode Replacement
Replacement of depleted anodes by clamping or by welding using qualified procedures and certified Diving personnel.

Well Head/ Manifold Structures 
Identifying the required isolations both electrically and hydraulically for the removal and replacement of SCM’s and the various components within and surrounding a manifold structure.

Thruster Change Out
Replacement of failed FPSO thrusters.