Nitrox Dive Systems

Nitrox Dive System NDS01 comprises 3 x 20' DNV 2.7.1 offshore containers which can be mobilised for offshore Diving operations onto a suitable DP2 vessel or clients asset and include:

Container 1
Dive control Container fitted with 3-diver Nitrox panel, full duplex communications unit, digital video recording (including black box unit) and diver monitoring systems to ensure (and exceed) IMCA D023 compliance). The dive control is equipped with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). There is also an inspection control room fitted with digital video recording system, overlays and diver communications.

Container 2
1.8m Diameter twin compartment Deck Decompression Chamber, fitted with dedicated heater, video monitoring of occupants at control station and a dedicated HP back up supply comprising of 16 x 50L cylinders split into two banks. The DDC is Lloyds PVHO Certified.

Container 3
Machinery container, complete with primary and back-up hot water units, HP air compressor, hydraulic power pack and with a workshop/ stores area.

Both Divers LARS are electro hydraulic units with primary and secondary HPU and motors for emergency basket & clump weight recovery. The main lift wires for the basket has winch cut out limit switches and deck lights fitted to the ‘A’ Frame cross member

Download the NDS01 spec sheet here