Daughtercraft Dive Systems

The Vertech 14.4m Daughter Craft system has been designed to be stable in 1.6m significant wave height with its own single davit launch and recovery system making mobilisations efficient and cost effective compared to twin davit systems. This is the first Daughter Craft to have had its hull designed and built specifically for diving operations.

The vessel is certified to MCA Category 2 and can carry a maximum of 10 personnel. The DC is fitted with a 3 x Diver Nitrox panel and has an inspection area. Fitted with 16 x 50L source cylinders allowing the vessel to remain working on site much longer with longer times between cylinder charging. This is a more efficient method of Diving compared to SRP systems.

To support continual Diving operations a Transfer Craft along with its own dedicated single lift davit is offered with the Daughter Craft System. This allows for a seamless change out of Divers between Dives.