Inshore Civils

Vertech has a good knowledge and track record for the Inshore/ Inland (Civils) Diving operations The following is typical of some examples of this type of operation carried out.


  • Pier Inspections/ repairs
  • New Pier prep works & upgrades
  • Harbour approach seabed survey/ debris removal
  • Dredging

Ship Husbandry 

  • Prop shaft wear down measurements
  • Pintel measurements 
  • Thruster Replacement
  • Hull Surveys to Class requirements
  • Debris removal from thruster areas

Dry Dock

  • Dry Dock Sweep
  • Sill Repairs
  • Keel Block and hull inspection prior to draining dry dock and landing vessel hull


  • Pump House inlet maintenance programs
  • Reservoir surveys
  • Flow Screen netting repair works